Closing circles is the expression of a way of life
Closing circles is the expression of a way of life, the philosophy of producing in accordance with traditional artisan customs and controlling all production processes.
The circle begins on the land
The circle begins on the land –which is the origin of everything and gives meaning to who we are, a farming family– and ends at the dish, a reflection of the surrounding environment. The cuisine is an integrated part of the landscape and thus gastronomy and the country are inseparable words.
Garlic, garlic shoots, basil, celery, plums, eggplant, borage, broccoli, chickens, pork, onions, onion shoots, chanterelle mushrooms, suckling pig, cabbage, cauliflower, edamame, sausages, dill, tarragon, zucchini flowers, raspberries, strawberries, hens, chick peas, hot chillies, mata baja peas, mata baja beans, lemon verbena, Hygrophorus dichrous, eggs, Ganxet beans, Santa Pau beans, green beans, Lactarius sanguifluus, oak leaf lettuce, long lettuce, red leaf lettuce, hare, corn, butter, mint, honey, baby garlic shoots, baby zucchini, baby onion shoots, baby chillies, baby leeks, baby carrots, mulberries, morel mushrooms, walnuts, green walnuts, capsicums, acid pasta, sourdough, bufet white potatoes, canabec potatoes, black bufet potatoes, ratte potatoes, parsley, French parsley, chervil, periquitas flor d’ametller, piquillo peppers, red peppers, green peppers, pocha beans, chickens, leeks, wild leeks, pularda chickens, beef, lime, Girona tomatoes, cherry tomatoes, green top tomatoes, Montserrat tomatoes, Gisclareny black tomatoes, penjar tomatoes, Girona pear tomatoes, pit de monja tomatoes, verd de marge tomatoes, Tricholoma columbetta, Tricholoma terreum, tuber aestiva, tuber melanospporum, carrots.
Closing Circles
The land is essential: it is the base for the orchard, it supplies Els Casals kitchen, and is the source of the cereals and pastures for feeing livestock, including poultry, beef and swine. The circle also encompasses the preparation of preserved meats, with processes handed down through the experiences of generations to maintain authentic and traditional flavours.
“To be a farmer means to identify with the country and try to domesticate it”
Jordi Rovira
Pagès de Cal Rovira